Hey there, business owner.

We know what it is having to run a business. There is very little time to worry about malware and attacks but at the same time, security is one of the most important aspects. Lack of such could be destructive, specially to small businesses.

There are 3 key points, or shall we say doors to be secured.


Most of the attacks will originate through email - email security can help thwart dangers at an early stage. Explore Harmony Email


The second door is web where phishing and malware will be lurking. Blocking dangerous websites is of utmost importance.
Explore Harmony Endpoint


Third door is ports — USB ports. Blocking unauthorised USB devices increases the overall security posture.
Explore Harmony Endpoint

The harmony family of products secures the three major doors.

And also:

Ensures documents are always 100% safe through CDR
Blocks various other attacks and should the unexpected happens, offers automated recovery and investigation
Secures mobile devices