Did you know that most attacks on businesses start with an email?

A lot of businesses invest in file-based threat prevention, network security, attack surface reduction, LOLBin blocking and various other methods hardening Windows security. But in the process of guarding windows, or shall we say Windows (tm), businesses often forget to guard the front doors.

Check Point Harmony Email provides truly next generation malware and phishing prevention. Before threats have become a problem.

  • No ifs and buts in the antimalware detection logics and no signatures to update. Check Point Threat Emulation is a solution that has stood the test of time. It has been proven to be impenetrable even by state-sponsored attackers.
  • Brand spoofing and spear phishing are no more. The Check Point content inspection engine looks at more than 300 indicators to spot phishing, spam and other undesired emails.
  • Threat Extraction (also known as Content Disarm and Reconstruction) delivers cleaned-up documents in 1.5 milliseconds. That's quicker than an eyeblink. Threat extraction eliminates dangerous objects in documents unlike other solutions that either cause major system problems (such as preventing MS Office from launching child processes) or rely on signatures, heuristics and local, not-CPU-reinforced emulators (all of which can easily be evaded). Threat Extraction also allows employees to start working on documents without waiting few minutes on the cloud emulation to produce a safety verdict.
  • Working in the cloud, Harmony Email provides instant protection against email threats without wasting endpoint performance.
  • Data leak prevention inspects email content for pre-defined sensitive information, such as credit card details.

Harmony Email and Collaboration Suite provides additional benefits

  • Account takeover protection - automatically detects and correlates actions related to account takeover. Special attention has been paid to false positive rates.
  • Secures platforms such as  Google Drive, ShareFile, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Box, Dropbox—from malware, ransomware, east-west attacks and prevents accidental or malicious data loss. The same thorough analysis used for emails is applied to file sharing platforms as well.
  • Secures  collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams from malware, ransomware, malicious links, data loss and more.

Easy to deploy and get around

Quick setup gets you going in minutes and easy to use dashboard allows you to monitor what's going on in the environment that you manage.

Would you like to offload the management to us? We are here to help.

Explore our Sigma Email Service which includes Harmony Email + management from us.