Endpoint security - redefined.

If you are a business owner, It administrator or even a knowledgeable, power-user, by now you've probably researched the endpoint protection market. There is a lot to unpack there - loads of players, loads of catchy terms and loads of products offering impartial protection or multiple add-ons to be purchased. Businesses end up redirecting substantial portions of revenue in IT security only to end up breached or suffer a ransomware attack (or both which is frequently the case now).

Quick overview

File-based prevention

Including standard anti-malware, next-gen antivirus based on deep learning, behavioural and reputation-based security.

Network-based prevention

Including AI-infused phishing prevention, primary and secondary malware redistribution blocking, C&C communication suspension, and post-infection removal of bots.

Data leak prevention

Includes media encryption and port protection, full disk encryption with preboot environment and USB device blocking/authorisation