What are the latest versions?

Current recommended version for Windows: 87.52 Released in November 2023

Current recommended version for Mac: 87.41 Released in August 2023
Latest version for Windows: 88.00 Released in January 2024
Latest version for Mac: 88.00 Released in December 2023

Harmony Endpoint Release Notes

View release notes for Windows clients
View release notes for Mac clients

Threat Emulation Engine (Cloud) Release Notes

Major deliveries in 2023- Harmony Endpoint and Threat Cloud AI

ThreatCloud Graph: A Multi-Dimensional Perspective on Cyber Security

Automatically correlates malicious entities such as domains, IP addresses and URLs based on data such as registrars, name servers and other parameters. Read More

LinkGuard - AI-based shortcut inspection

Detects malicious shortcuts that can be used to launch an attack based on the following parameters:
Icon Spoofing
File Attribute Manipulation
Name Obscurity
Hidden/Double ExtensionsShortened URLs
Read More

MemDive AI - Deeper malware analysis

Inspects process memory for threats that can circumvent static, dynamic and behavioural analysis. Extracts from memory any modifications such as decrypted payloads and reconstructs/repairs PE EXE files. 
Read More

DeepDNS - blocks DNS tunneling and Domain Generation Algorithms

According to Check Point, this engine is  able to prevent 5x more zero-DNS attacks than traditional DNS solutions, and 47% more detection compared to AI-based security vendors. Read More

Enhanced brand spoofing prevention

Zero Phishing now updated to use Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Image Processing to detect Spoofing Attempts to local and international brands. New domains are inspected immediately upon registration. Read More

Intel TDT integration for Anti-Ransomware

Customers with supported CPU-s can enjoy enhanced detection and protection from ransomware, including fileless ransomware. Whitepaper