Highest level of security

Delivered through a partnership between EDR Experts and Check Point

Check Point offers powerful tools no home-oriented vendor can provide. We use the tools properly to secure your online world.

Home-oriented security products can only do so much.

Because they are designed to be self-managed above everything else. Furthermore, they are designed for a balance of security, performance and lack of false positives in mind.

Threats can bypass home security products not because the "behemoths" behind these products don't understand the attack — it is because vendors are striving to deliver a balanced solution and sacrifice security in the name of speed and silence.

For years, the level of security offered by home security products has been enough. But today, criminals have access to more shared knowledge than ever. That, coupled with powerful AI tools increases the demand for a more sophisticated protection.

EDRs offer massive improvement in security compared to home AVs, but need an IT admin.

Let us do the admin work for you.

We first make sure the product is available to you.

EDR resellers often have an attitude and enjoy deals in the £££££ spectrum. If you contact them about a license or a few, they probably won't even reply. This makes sourcing high-quality products difficult.

Then we add value

We keep current both with the threat landscape and with the product internal mechanisms. We know what we need to do and when. So our users can enjoy peace of mind.

And what do you do, you wonder?

Nothing! You just get on with your live — without worrying about cyber threats.