Attackers Have Upped their Game. Your Security Hasn't.

With the cost of living crisis around the world and high-octane AI tools made available to the general public — much like candy — threat actors are more motivated and powerful than ever. Your home AV can't cope and the independent test labs giving them a "perfect 100% on detection" won't tell you that.

So how do you make sure your passwords don't end up on the dark web and your data isn't held for ransom?

Introducing a next-next gen defence for home users, unlike any other. Including:

Static Analysis (NGAV) based on deep learning, able to catch threats before attackers have started thinking about creating them
Behavioural analysis and rollback of malicious actions optimised for security, not just for speed
Patented threat emulation that can't be evaded even by nation-sponsored attackers. Detects threats others are guaranteed to miss

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See Threat Emulation in action, dismantling and detecting a malicious PDF. 

Blocks more phishing than any other solution.

Real-time website inspection ensures you only enter your information on websites that are safe whilst recent implementations correlate and detect malicious websites as soon as criminals publish them online.

proactively inspects every field before information is entered instead of relying just on deny-lists.
powered by threat cloud, the world's largest database of threats.

See Zero Phishing in action blocking an unknown webpage based on AI inspection. Protecting a real business from a real breach.


Suspends sophisticated network attacks before they reach you.

Total peace of mind for a connected life - ZoneAlarm constantly inspects network traffic for signs of malicious activity.

Tripple threatspect engine blocks malicious traffic based on denylist, application behaviour and communication patterns.
prevents communication to command&control servers and eliminates the possibility of data exfiltration.
2-way firewall ensures only safe applications are allowed to connect to the network, renders devices invisible to hackers and blocks common tactics such as reverse-shell attacks.

Malicious documents are one of the most common way threat actors compromise home users.

Attacks via documents frequently go unnoticed by traditional malware scanning due to the layers of obfuscations threat actors use. ZoneAlarm ensures documents coming through the web or email are safe to open.

PATENTED threat extraction (content disarm and reconstruction) removes content that could turn out to be harmful, such as macros, ole objects, custom fonts and many more. Checks all embedded links for signs of fraud.
acts in milliseconds and does not damage documents. does not remove content such as text, images, videos or formulas.
threat emulation runs documents in the cloud, mimicking user activity and monitoring the system. if document turns out to be benign, original version becomes available to download.

Don't just settle for low-quality home security products that fail when you need them most.

Enjoy business-grade protection on your home devices today.

Or get Even More with Harmony Endpoint

ZoneAlarm is a rebrand of Harmony Endpoint, modified to offer ease-of-use whilst maintaining high level of protection. It is self-managed and great for individuals who want the best security without the hassle of responding to alert and operating complicated controls. In a poka-yoke style, settings are almost none. Features are trimmed down to cover the needs of the average Joe.

For more demanding users, Harmony endpoint (Enhanced detection and response) offers:
  • Granular configuration to tailor product to your specific requirements
  • Choice of 2 anti-malware engines: Sophos SAVI (also used in ZoneAlarm) for maximum performance and privacy, and Kaspersky SDK for maximum detection.
  • Access to much newer engines and quicker updates.
  • Detailed alerts, logs, statistics and reports.
  • More advanced threat detection logics, including threat emulation that handles larger files.
  • Default-deny for maximum security, allowing users with risky habits to run 100% inspected and confirmed-to-be-safe files only.
  • Can still be used on a set-and-forget basis when required and knowledgeable users can save time, troubleshooting issues remotely
  • And much more.

Want all the benefits above but worried about installation, management and alerts? We can do everything for you.

We will determine your needs and will configure Harmony Endpoint so you enjoy all benefits of the best security available to businesses -- at affordable price. Without being bamboozled by catchy tech terms or renting your spare room to an IT admin for free.
See or article "Why Home users Should Trust Business Security" for more information.